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Heavy Equipment Often Required To Build Simple Farm Dams

Building a simple farm dam sound like an easy task. Dig a hole. Make sure the walls are secure and at the right angle to channel run off into the dam proper. Easy. Perhaps not, especially if I give you a shovel and pick and tell you to dig it by hand. Time for the heavy equipment.

One piece of heavy equipment may not be enough. A bulldozer can do a lot of the muscle work. You may also need an excavator if the ground is rocky or packed solid. A front end loader can make short work of lifting the excess material out,

Whilst all this is happening, you need to be referencing plans to ensure the dam is built correctly, and safely. Building a dam is not an easy task. It takes a lot of muscle, muscle that only heavy equipment can provide, along with a lot skill in how to use that heavy equipment to get the job done.

Today’s farms no longer rely on just a simple tractor. In fact some tractors have all the attachments to make them into smaller versions of much of the heavy equipment used in construction. Tractors don’t quite have that real muscle power of a bulldozer or motor grader. In the hands of an expert, a dam can be constructed in a matter of days. Do it by hand and your looking at months with blisters to match.

Training is one of key components to using heavy equipment effectively when building a dam. Knowing how to operate a bulldozer or an front end loader means the job can be done quickly and effectively with little hassle.

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