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Are You An International Heavy Equipment Operator Wanting To Work Here?

Our country was built using the skills and labor or migrants. In fact, most of us come from migrants, even you can trace your ancestry back to the first arrivals – they were still migrants. We are still accepting migrants into the country and sometimes those migrants need to adapt their skills to our work environments. Heavy equipment is no different.

Heavy equipment skills recognition is not always as easy as looking at your foreign qualifications. Crane operators, for example, require certification in many states. Truck drivers will need to pass local commercial drivers license tests. The biggest hurdle facing many migrants is that need to be able to read, write and speak English reasonably well.

If they are able to communicate, the rest becomes a lot easier. Taking part in an accredited heavy equipment training program, an accredited crane operator training program, or an accredited truck driver training program will provide the migrant with the necessary skills and workplace safety knowledge that is required to work successfully in this country.

Yes, their skills are transferable to a certain extent. However, there are many countries that are not quite as advanced as ours. Their heavy equipment is not as advanced as ours – in fact, some are absolute dinosaurs. New technology such as GPS and laser will be quite strange to many migrants – hey, they are quite strange to some of our own older operators as well.

The good news for migrants who are entering this country is, they don’t have to look for new careers. If they have worked successfully as heavy equipment operators in their own country, they can update their skills here and continue in their chosen profession.

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