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Interested In A Career As A Mobile Crane Operator?

Being a mobile crane operator is an interesting and varied career. You just never know what sort of tasks you are going to be asked to perform.

Most building sites use a mobile crane at some stage of the construction process. Whether it is simply unloading vehicles or careful placement of girders, pylons or complete building pieces, the mobile crane is there to do the job.

It’s not only construction that uses mobile cranes. Some manufacturing industries use them to load trucks and rail carts. They are used to place power poles, they may even be called upon to right vehicles, particularly trucks, after accidents.

Training consists of three levels with each level building on the previous. The first level concentrates on the basic principles of cranes, rigging, safety and operation. These are the foundation skills without which you would find it difficult to understand the following levels.

The second level delves into communication including official hand signals, maintenance, wire rope theories and the use of computer aids. You also gain an understanding of the movement of cranes particularly how they move from one area to another.

The third and final level deals with boom attachments, advanced operational techniques, planning lifts and emergency procedures. This final level provides many of the finer skills to operating a mobile crane.

Whilst it may all look theoretical in nature, everything is designed to turn you into a highly skilled mobile crane operator ready to commence a long and interesting career. If a career in this field interests you then perhaps you should check out the full mobile crane operator training program at ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools.

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