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What Do Heavy Equipment Operators Do?

There's a lot of big machinery out there, and that means a heavy equipment operator is making it work. Heavy equipment is a category of machinery that is designed to do big jobs that involve moving things that are too big or bulky to move any other way. The types of heavy equipment ATS trains students on include: Backhoes Scrapers…

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How To Start Plowing A Parking Lot

Winter is here, and heavy equipment operators all over the country are doing some work on the side plowing snow for local businesses and other facilities. If you've been asked to plow the parking lot since you know how to operate heavy equipment, do some homework first so you don't run into trouble. Where Does The Snow Go? Before you…

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Changing Seasons Mean New Opportunities

As the winter season hits, heavy equipment operators in various parts of the country have opportunities to do some incredibly important service to the community. Whether you act as a volunteer or pick up some part-time income, dealing with storm damage is something that not everyone can do. Storm Prep And Cleanup Are Needed In some areas, crews are out…

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