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Want a Heavy Equipment Job?

Last Saturday, Heavy Equipment School posted our job listings for the week. Included were several mobile crane operator positions, rigger jobs, and positions requiring a Class-A CDL (commercial drivers license). These are typical heavy equipment jobs. The difference between positions you'll see on our job board from week to week usually have something to do with location. You may find…

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Two Kinds Of Rigging/Signalperson Credentials Available

Did you know that current Federal OSHA regulations say that ALL riggers and signalpersons must be qualified? That means if you want a job in this valuable field, you have to have the right credentials. Associated Training Services offers a program that exceeds the OSHA requirement and is recognized as one of the best in the crane and lifting industries.…

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9 Reasons To Choose ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Training School

If you are doing research about getting trained as a professional heavy equipment operator, it's a good thing. Choosing a career in the skilled trades means that your training is going to be scrutinized carefully. After all, you'll be operating expensive equipment in dangerous situations, so the company wants to make sure they hire the best. Since the insurance companies…

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