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Looking For Comprehensive And Professional Rigger/Signalperson Training?

There are times when 'just good enough' is not going to be good enough. Under current workplace regulations, all riggers and signalpersons require qualification. This is a basic standard that ensures workers follow the OSHA guidelines when working as either riggers or signalpersons. After basic rigger training, your workers will receive a qualification compliance card. Whilst that means your workers…

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Do Your Riggers Have Qualification Compliance Cards?

Under OSHA regulations, all riggers must now have, as a minimum, a qualification compliance card. Whilst this is the minimum standard, many workplaces are now preferring riggers that have rigger certification, which is the next level up. Qualification compliance cards are issued once a rigger has demonstrated the skills, knowledge and safety consciousness required to work as a rigger. ATS…

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Do You Require OSHA Compliant Rigger Certification?

The construction industry has gone through considerable change over the last five years. A lot of changes have been forced through legislation that now mandates employers in respect to safety training, compliance, and the certification of many occupations. Crane operators were amongst the first to feel the effect of these changes, and in recent years riggers and signal persons have…

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Take Your Rigger Training From ATS

In heavy equipment, there is a huge need for people to hoist, lift, push, and pull heavy objects. There is special equipment for these large tasks and riggers are the people who operate that equipment. In order to secure advanced employment in the heavy equipment field as a rigger, you'll need to be trained on this equipment. ATS has a…

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