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Do Your Riggers Meet The New OSHA Crane Mandate?

The new OSHA Crane Mandate makes it compulsory for employers to ensure that all riggers meet the minimum standards set down for this position. This means that all riggers must be either qualified or certified as riggers – employing riggers that don’t meet these standards could lead to significant fines. ATS Crane Operator Schools are now conducting training programs that can help employers bring their riggers up to these new standards.

For employers looking to qualify their employees, ATS offers training that:

  • Meets OSHA qualification standard for rigging,
  • Includes written and practical training and testing,
  • Can be completed in 8 to 12 hours depending on number of candidates, and
  • Qualifies employees – compliance cards are issued by Associated Training Services upon successful completion.

If you are looking to provide your employees with a certification training program then we offer training that:

  • Exceeds OSHA qualification standard for rigging,
  • Includes written and practical training and testing,
  • Is completed in 32 to 36 hours (4 days) depending on number of candidates,
  • Certifies employees – certification issued by National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), and
  • Provides NCCCO Rigging Level One Certifications.

Safety is the primary aim of this new standard and it has been introduced because of the number of accidents that have occurred in recent years. The aim is to reduce the number of accidents, in particular the number of deaths and serious injury that occurs in construction each year.

To assist employers to quickly update their employees’ skills, ATS can arrange to deliver rigger training and testing at your workplace if required. This can make training much easier for your employees as they are on familiar soil and around equipment they see and use on a daily basis. This new mandate is not an option – it’s compulsory. If you require help to ensure your employees comply, contact us now – we’re ready to help.

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