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Do You Have A Team Of Riggers Requiring Quick Certification?

With workplaces rules and regulations constantly changing, employers can find it hard to keep up to date with what is required. Some recent changes include a requirement for all riggers and signalpersons to be assessed as qualified for their roles. They also need to be able to produce a qualification compliance card to prove they have passed those assessments.

If you have a team of riggers that are about to start a job, and they don’t have those compliance cards, now is the time to have them assessed. Training and assessment can be completed in as little as eight hours – that’s just one full day. Do they need training? Perhaps not, however, they may have knowledge gaps that could see them fail their assessments and not receive their compliance cards. Training is designed to fill in any gaps they may have.

The ATS rigging and signal person qualification program meets the OSHA qualification standard for rigging and signalperson and includes both written and practical training and testing. ATS trainers can deliver these training and testing components in your workplace – this avoids transport issues and can be far more cost effective for employers.

If your riggers are not able to produce qualification compliance cards, it could result in substantial fines to employers. Rather than taking the risk, it’s far easier to have your employees undertake the compliance program to receive their compliance cards. You could opt for the four day certification program if that is suitable. Speak to one of our advisers first, they can advise you which program is best suited to your employees.

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