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How A Personal Career Counselor Can Kick Start Your Career

There is more to finding a job than just looking in a newspaper. If you are undertaking any career training, then the search for employment can be that little bit harder since you have no prior experience in the industry. More importantly, you have no prior experience at looking for work in that industry. A personal career counselor can often make a real difference in helping you gain that first start – if you have one available, that is.

Career counselors are our cornerstone at Associated Training Schools. They provide that vital link between the school, the student, and employers. More importantly, because they have experience working with industry, they know exactly how a graduate should approach employers. Having access to a personal career counselor can help you develop an approach – either by mail, telephone, or in person – that employers find acceptable.

Our career services department has links to thousands of potential employers across the nation. As a student or graduate, you have access to this information through our employer database. You also have access to our jobs website where employers can leave job vacancies, and where graduates can leave copies of their resume for potential employers to read.

The one area that no one can place a value on is that of experience. Our career services personnel have a wealth of experience when it comes to helping graduates from our heavy equipment training, crane operator training, and truck driver training programs find employment. Our reputation as a quality training provider in these areas has been built on the success of our graduates in finding and building great careers in their chosen work area.

If you’re considering a career in heavy equipment, crane operations, or as a truck driver, you can rest assured in the knowledge that our career services personnel will work with you to find that first job. If they aren’t helping you, it’s probably because you did your training through someone else.

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