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Career Services Turn Dreams Into Realities

Have you ever dreamed of operating a bulldozer, perhaps a crane, or even driving a truck? There are many people who try to turn that dream into a reality. They attend training programs that are designed to teach them how to operate each of those vehicles, then leave to find employment within each of the industries.

If you have never been in the industry, the first problem is pretty simple – where do you start looking?

If you had access to dedicated career services personnel who knew all about your targeted industry, had possibly worked in that industry, and had developed a network of contacts in that industry, they would be an asset worth cultivating for your future career.

At Associated Training Schools, you don’t have to cultivate our career services personnel, they are there ready to help you achieve your goals from day one of your training.

You just cannot beat inside knowledge. Having a database of thousands of potential employees across a range of industries is just one areas where ATS can assist students in their quest for employment. Being able to link graduates with employers through a dedicated employment website helps to streamline your job search efforts. Just as importantly, being coached in how to approach employers, how to respond during employment interviews, and how to network with possible employers removes many of the barriers that new graduates face in any industry.

ATS have a history that goes back over forty years. Whether it’s a job as a crane operator, heavy equipment operator, or truck driver, ATS have the contacts and experience, and they freely share them with students and graduates of their training schools. As a graduate walks away following their last day of training, they don’t have to wonder “what now?” They already have the answer. In fact, for some, it’s more a question of “can I be ready to start work tomorrow?”

Does your training organization give you that head start?

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