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Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal Drilling – Game Changer

All over the country, there is an increased demand for horizontal drilling construction involving buried pipes, cables, and fiber optics, largely driven by the importance of internet connections to everyday life, be that for work or at home. Once, that involved digging big trenches right along roads and paths, laying the cables, and then filling them back in, but today you will rarely see that kind of construction. So, how do they install all these underground pipes and cables without any trenches? The answer to that is horizontal directional drilling or HDD.

It is a simple idea but took technology a while to catch up and be able to accomplish it, but the basic operation involves digging an entrance pit, a single hole that is there to catch drill water, and then simply drilling horizontally along the required path at the correct depth from there. The drilling machines involved are complex and can drill as much as 1000 feet underground, requiring skillful control and situational awareness from the operator.

As you can imagine, the ability to lay cables and other communication equipment below ground without disturbing the surface is incredibly useful, especially in cities and towns, where using this approach means no more roadworks, traffic disruption, and so on. It is not just there, any location near rivers and other obstructions where excavation simply is not practical also benefits, saving time and money for the contractor and often making otherwise impossible projects viable. With an almost limitless demand for new communication options as well, the two together make this the fastest-growing method for utilities, the communications industry, and municipalities in the country.

Why is this important to know? Because it really is the fastest-growing equipment used in the industry today, and that means skilled horizontal drill operators are in high demand. As you know, high-demand jobs pay well, and with an ever-changing work environment and on-site teamwork required, it is also an interesting and enjoyable career too. Here at ATS, we offer a Directional Drill Training Program that provides the knowledge, experienced staff, and curricula needed to deliver highly skilled drill operators for any organization.

Using a combination of hands-on experience with real equipment and classroom theory work, our comprehensive course and dedicated instructors help trainees not only learn the skills and knowledge needed to operate horizontal drilling equipment effectively but to operate safely and efficiently on-site. The intention is to ensure that every attendee leaves the course completely capable of operating the equipment skillfully and safely at all times, with a good understanding of both overground and underground operations and maintenance.

The course covers all aspects of horizontal drill operation, including safety, general maintenance, pre-planning, field operation, drilling fluids, downhole tools, and electronics, providing a complete understanding of HDD operations. With such demand all over the country, this is a valuable opportunity for those looking to expand their skill set or to enhance existing knowledge. With HDD only increasing in use, the skills this course provides offer real opportunities in the construction industry today.

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  1. I have always wondered how new pipes or cables are laid nowadays. That is really cool that there is horizontal directional drilling. I can’t believe that it can drill as much as 1000 feet underground. That is very helpful when playing cables and pipes.

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