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History Of The Motor Grader

grader 1918Graders have been use for a long time in helping construction workers and engineers to build and improve communities. They are useful tools.

Graders are typically used to refine the grading that is started by heavier equipment like bulldozers and scrapers. These vehicles are used for rough grading. Dirt and gravel roads have been built using graders since 1903 when two entrepreneurs built the first Russell grader. Not long after that, commercial manufacturers like Caterpillar and John Deere began to make them for mass production. Some communities in the north use graders to scrape snow off of roads for safer travel. Even many farmers and ranchers all over the world use them to do farm work that is essential for their own maintenance needs.

The image above is a grader from 1918, borrowed from Wikipedia.

Grading is a common practice today in construction and engineering and with the help of ATS Heavy Equipment School, persons interested in learning a trade can learn to use a grader as well as other common heavy equipment.

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