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Graders Or Bulldozers? Depends on the Job

There really isn’t much need to pull out graders these days if you’re working small or medium sized jobs. That doesn’t necessarily mean that graders are obsolete, though. Far from it, it means that graders are used for larger projects. The reason is that with the advances in technology, bulldozers are used to perform tasks and jobs that were impossible to perform previously. Laser guided graders and grading systems are available to more companies because of the affordable prices.

Bulldozers are able to perform some very amazing feats of grading in small work projects. This is probably why smaller companies are making use of them for their work jobs. It doesn’t matter if a bulldozer is laser guided or not, it is not going to replace the all purpose built grader. It can, however, allow spaces that were previously to tiny to be graded.

With tigh saces, you’re not always able to fit a grader into a property. You also won’t be able to give it the room it needs to maneuver. Graders are well situated for wide open areas, instead of the small spaces. That’s why graders are found in large construction projects, such as roadside work.

You usually won’t find graders leveling a suburban block, though. Graders are used for all kinds of big projects that require detail and precision. They are used for creating runways, roads and grading large foundations. They are also used a lot during the winter time, when they clear large masses of snow from the road. If you live in a location where there is a lot of snow, then you’ll see a lot of graders everywhere.

Graders aren’t for everyone

are one of the more difficult pieces of heavy equipment that you can operate. Many people don’t start out driving graders. Instead, they work their way up. Driving grades is going to require a lot of control, because they are huge pieces of equipment. They are used for leveling airstrips and roads. It is easy to think that there isn’t much demand for graders, but the truth is that drivers of graders are always in demand. Contact us for more information on graders.

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