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Heavy Equipment Training In Texas Ready To Handle Jobs Growth

Texas is one of the fortunate states with its economy still growing, albeit very slowly. However, growth is growth and in the last financial year the state has more than doubled the national averages when it comes to growth. With growth comes jobs and with jobs there is a requirement for training. Demand for heavy equipment training in Texas is set to grow even faster following the announcement of the Federal Stimulus package.

The growth seen in Texas has already seen almost $10 billion in business investment for new buildings or the extensions of existing buildings. Construction is a high growth area and as it continues to grow the demand for heavy equipment operators increases.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools have a training facility located in Wills Point, Texas. This school specializes in the training of heavy equipment operators with training being delivered on a wide range of construction equipment.

We have networked with hundreds of construction businesses nationwide (including Texas) so our job placement program has the resources to help to match you with a suitable employer. With construction jobs tipped to explode in the coming months, finding work will not be as difficult as some people imagine.

If you are looking to take on a career as a heavy equipment operator in the state of Texas then you will need training – employers will not hire unskilled operators to handle their expensive machinery. Finding heavy equipment training in Texas is not a difficult task – just call us or visit our website where you will find information about the training programs available.

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  1. Russell Godfrey

    Want to expand my jod markets. Already have cdl-a need more. Ready to leave fracing.

  2. Angel Garza

    I want to work in a D6,D7,D8 more veter

  3. Jose Roa

    Need information about heavy equipment operator, and location of school. Also financial aid.

  4. sergio lopez

    im interested in going to school.where can i enroll

  5. victor santos

    Have always been interested in learning how to operate heavy. .

  6. Kelley berry

    I am interested in going to school for heavy equipment. Would like to know more about what my options are. I live in Paris Texas.

  7. Michael Brock

    I’d like to learn more about being a heavt equipment operator

  8. Juan Garza

    I live in Mcallen, where is the nearest ATS school located…

    1. admin


      We are located in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. If you work for a company, you can have your company contact us for on-site training.

  9. Ross Kelley

    I live in Ozona Texas where is the nearest school?

    1. admin

      Ross, our school is in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, but we do special training on site for employers. We also offer housing and financial assistance for students who take our training.

    2. admin

      We are located in Sun Prairie, WI near Madison. We do offer housing assistance for students while they attend training.

  10. macarthur carter

    i need to do offer backhoe & heavy equipment training in dallas

    1. admin

      I’m sorry we are only located in WI. but we do offer housing while in training.

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