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Our Heavy Equipment Training School Is Never Too Far From Home

Many find that distance a problem. Naturally, traveling for an hour or two each day to attend training is not ideal and certainly not conducive to good learning – particularly when heavy equipment requires alert operators.

Having friends or relatives that live close to ATS heavy equipment operator school could be ideal – so long as they don’t mind you crashing in on them for a month or two. Of course that option may be seen as a bit of an imposition as well.

That leaves one final alternative to traveling – grabbing a hotel room for a couple of months. Mind you, that could turn out to be a little expensive as well. Hotels are great for vacations but to actually live in one is not my ideal.

ATS may just have one extra solution for you. We may be able to offer living accommodation for the period of your enrollment that should take the hassle of travel right out of the equation. it’s simply a matter of contacting us to find your best option.

What is important to us is your ability to focus on your training so that we can produce the best heavy equipment operators in the country. Our reputation rests on the quality of our graduates and employers have come expect a certain standard of training from us. That is why they continually come back to seek our graduates for positions within their companies.

If you’re considering heavy equipment operations as a career but accessing a heavy equipment training facility has been a problem, contact us to see what solutions we may have available to you.

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    1. Danny, our training facility is in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. We do offer several types of assistance, including housing assistance. In some cases, we will take the training to employers who want on-site training, but that requires a minimum number of students. For more information about any of our training initiatives, call (800) 678-8149.

  1. Is Wisconsin the only school location y’all have trying to get more experience off my hi bill with the rest of heavy equipment already have a class a cdl been driving trucks for a year now

    1. I’m sorry but yes it is only in WI but we do offer housing assistance. Please call for more info. (800) 383-7364. Thanks

    1. I’m sorry we do not. We only offer a school in WI. We do offer housing assistance while attending training. For more info please call us.

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