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Will Heavy Equipment Technology Make Operators Redundant?

Now there is a question that will raise the eyebrows of many old time operators – can robotics and new heavy equipment technology take over from operators? I think, first and foremost, before getting too heavily into any arguments, no technology has ever really replaced an operator. Sure, one person may now control a variety of machines, but there is still a human controlling them in some manner. What about heavy equipment then?

In some areas, robotics have replaced humans at the work place. Instead, they control the vehicle using remote control technologies. Again, there is still a human operating the remote control device. While operators as we know them may be replaced, in the short to medium term, this will only be in jobs that involve considerable danger like mining and the creation of tunnels and perhaps in certain demolition roles. The emphasis at present is not on robotic technology for heavy equipment, it is focused more on fuel efficiencies, greener vehicles and computer technology like GPS that enables more accurate work at much faster rates.

At present, heavy equipment technology is something that present or future operators need to worry over. Research is aimed at making their jobs quicker, smoother and safer whilst still looking after the environment. If you are considering a career in heavy equipment, technology should not be an issue that creates any long term career fears.

Here at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools, we embrace new technology and try to include the latest advances into our training programs (of course, it’s not possible to include every advance – but we try). If you are considering a career as a heavy equipment operator, talk to us about your training options. You can be assured that our heavy equipment training will have you well prepared for the workplace including aspects of modern heavy equipment technology.

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