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Add GPS Training To Your Skills List For Specialist Work

If you’re a heavy equipment operator, or perhaps someone looking to move into the field of heavy equipment operations, you can undertake a GPS training program that adds these skills to your personal toolbox. GPS – or Global Positioning System, has been around for a long time in cars and other modes of transport. Airlines are now switching to GPS rather than radar when working with control towers. One of the reasons for this is the precise data that GPS can provide.

Building roads, bridges and tunnels all takes precision. These days, a construction crew can start at both ends of a tunnel, bridge or road and meet precisely in the middle – all thanks to the use of GPS. Of course, the technology used is the same as that used in vehicles, the big difference being the lack of a voice telling you when to turn and which roads to take to avoid traffic snarls. Instead, the GPS unit helps to direct the operator in the use of their equipment.

GPS use is a skill that is not common at present so any operator that does undertake training gains an advantage over everyone else. This can be a real bonus when times are a little hard and work is difficult to find. It also means that people who are employed often find themselves working on projects that are more challenging than normal.

ATS offers GPS training through our Ohio training school. If you’re interested in adding specialist skills to heavy equipment skills set, contact us to discuss how GPS training can help you in your heavy equipment career.

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