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Heavy Equipment And Social Networking

Social networking has been around for as long as mankind. Any group of like minded people gathering together could be (and should be) considered a social networking opportunity. Heavy equipment is no different to any other industry. You would be surprised at how many job vacancies are filled through a social networking experience rather than a straightforward job application.

Over the years the online community has included forums and social networking sites for many professionals. What some heavy equipment operators may not realize is the existence of several forums devoted to their industry. These forums appear to be run for the benefit of those that work in the industry, not those that buy and sell equipment.

Members offer each other advice for particular activities. For example, you may be required to dig a dam that already has some water in it. Members will offer advice as to which attachments would be best and how to approach the situations. There is another forum devoted to demolition work. Both make interesting reading.

Of course these forums are really only useful to heavy equipment operators working in the industry. To get your start in the industry as an operator you need training. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools are the nations premier training school for heavy equipment operators. Contact us for more information on your career.

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