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Heavy Equipment – Do You Know Your Machinery

For many novices, talking about a piece of heavy equipment often leaves them in the dark, or with the wrong impressions. There a many people, especially of the younger generation, who have no idea what an excavator looks like, or front end loader for that matter.

Of course most people are familiar with motor graders although they may not their name. This is the heavy equipment used to help make our roads. Training on a grader can be similar to training for an excavator, at least in theory. However, hands on training leads to different skills. The grader is designed to scrape or smooth the surface. The excavator is designed to dig – for example, to dig trenches for pipes or foundations.

When looking to undertake training on heavy equipment, check to see what sort of training they provide. Do they have dedicated training ground where you can actually dig using an excavator; do they have an area where you can put your motor grader skills to work? Learning the theory is fine, and learning to drive a piece of heavy equipment up and down a road is fine. However, the real training comes when you have to do the real work – dig, grade or push.

At ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools we use real equipment on a realistic training field thereby providing all students with a real world training experience. Take a look at more pictures of heavy equipment and heavy equipment training from our operator schools.

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