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Heavy Equipment And The School Leaver

The construction industry has a huge appetite for heavy equipment operators, so much so it is fairly easy for a school leaver to go from classroom one day to operator the next. Of course, a little training is first required, but that is really a case of replacing one classroom with another.

Heavy equipment does not discriminate when it comes to age. There are obviously some legal requirements, but that is true with car licenses as well. What is required, rather than age, is competence. Either you can operate say a bulldozer, or you cannot. If cant operate the equipment, no one will want you on their construction site as a heavy equipment operator.

The key is the training you receive. Not all training is equal and some training organizations have excellent records whilst others are recognized for not delivering to an acceptable standard. Find the right training organization and their name alone will often be good enough to secure you a job.

Training providers like ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools work hard to build a reputation for supplying operators to the heavy equipment industry that are of a high standard. You can see this by the number of companies that are ready to employ graduates before they have even completed their training.

Find a training organization that has this quality reputation and, no matter how old you, if you meet the legal operating conditions you can almost be assured of smooth transition from school to the seat of a piece of heavy equipment.

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