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Heavy Equipment Safety – Your #1 Priority

Today the focus is going to be on heavy equipment safety. Dangers that come with heavy equipment operations are serious. You can prevent getting dust blown in your face by wearing goggles or a mask, but there are much more serious injuries that can result from operating this kind of equipment.

The first thing you want to do is to make sure no body is standing close to you when you’re operating the equipment. Make sure to let others know that they should never get close to you without letting you know first. Next, you’ll want to avoid wearing loose clothes. Make sure you wear clothes that fit snugly and tight. Include ear protection and slip resistant footwear, along with your goggles. If you don’t have short hair, make sure you tie your hair back.

Make sure you stop the engine and make use of a stick to remove debris when you are unclogging the discharge chute of your equipment. Don’t let any part of your body come into contact with any part of the equipment that gets very hot. Also, don’t leave the equipment running unattended.

Heavy Equipment Safety for electric snowblowers and gas snow blowers

Make sure that you understand that gas snow blowers and electric snow blowers are very dangerious machines to operate. Snow blowers are created to pick up snow and then throw it. The last thing you want is for it pick up glass bottles, stones or sticks and throwing them. When you’re operating the snow blower, stick to the pavement areas or well maintained surfaces that you are sure won’t hold any of these things.

Another part of heavy equipment safety is knowing the territory very well. Make sure that you know if there are any curbs and stumps. When you’re doing the snow blowing on an incline surface, make sure that you’re clearing up and down the incline, and not clearing across.

Heavy equipment safety is a very serious issue. Hopefully, these tips have helped you to understand more about heavy equipment safety and to stay sound and safe in the future!

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