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Heavy Equipment Safety: Let’s Make April a Safe Month

heavy equipment safety is something that we care a great deal about here at Associated Training Services. If you have been in and around heavy equipment for a while, chances are you will have seen a few accidents. Accidents happen, but it is our view that most accidents are entirely avoidable. Statistics tell us a great deal, but many people become so focused on them that they lose sight of the big picture. People tend to focus on the fatalities and forget that people do experience injuries that can make getting back to work difficult to do. Our training doesn’t just teach you how to use equipment, it teaches you how to use equipment safely. We want our graduates to take heavy equipment safety very seriously.

If you are already working in construction, whether or not you are an operator of heavy equipment, heavy equipment safety is something that you should have in your mind at all times. When you are working around equipment, make sure that you are doing so without putting yourself at unnecessary risk. If you are operating heavy equipment, do your best to ensure that your co-workers are working safely around your machine. There is nothing worse than being at the controls when a machine injures one of your workmates.

How can we improve heavy equipment safety around the workplace? It is easy, spread awareness about it. Most of the heavy equipment safety errors that people make have to do with saving time. Get in the mindset that it is better to be late than dead on time. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer to do things safely, but if you consider the possible consequences that come with cutting corners, it really is the only way that makes sense.

If you have any questions or comments regarding heavy equipment safety, please do not hesitate to contact us at Associated Training Services.

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