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In Heavy Equipment You Need To Be Qualified To Survive

When times are tough employers look more to those that are qualified when looking for new employees. This is particularly true in the field of construction and heavy equipment. When times are good, some employers will take on new workers based on solely on five or ten years experience – not today, a qualified operator will almost always get the nod over an unqualified operator.

Now is probably a good time for those heavy equipment operators who learned “on-the-job” to perhaps think about getting that piece of paper that says they are qualified to operate construction equipment. While gaining a formal qualification they will be introduced to a broader range of heavy equipment which in turn widens their employment options.

If you’re a bulldozer operator then adding a truck license (CDL) to your list of skills will definitely make you more employable. Not only are you able to operate the bulldozer, you can truck it to the job and back again. If there is no bulldozer work available, there may at least be transport work available.

Being able to operate a range of heavy equipment not makes you more employable, it also adds variety to your own working life. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools provides accredited training to national standards. They can certainly formalize your current skills, at the same time they can add an additional range of skills to your repertoire.

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