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Heavy Equipment Operators Need To Be Team Players

If you have a desire to be a heavy equipment operator, you will need to understand that your role on a construction site goes beyond just operating your equipment. You will often see heavy equipment operator job vacancies that include descriptions such as “and general laboring when required.” Everyone pitches in on a construction site. You cannot just sit in your cab waiting for your next job – you will be expected to get out and help in other areas.

It doesn’t happen all the time, however, you can expect this situation to occur on a regular basis. There are some jobs where you will be working alone, however, in most instances, you will be a part of a team. Sometimes it’s a good idea to wander down to a construction site to watch everyone at work. You will often see heavy equipment operators getting out of their cabs, sometimes only for a few minutes, at other times for an hour or more.

One area that does irk many heavy equipment operators is the constant in-and-out nature of some jobs. This happens frequently on demolition sites where an operator is constantly helping to manually demolish some sections. As a heavy equipment operator, your main focus and time will be on operating your equipment. You will spend 80%-90% of your working time operating that equipment, however, that does mean you’ll spending 10%-20% of your time away from your heavy equipment doing other manual laboring jobs.

For those who have a variety of skills, for example, skills on a range of heavy equipment, truck driving skills, or crane operator skills, then you may find you’re moving between them and your heavy equipment. In most cases, doing a different job can come as a welcome change to what you have repeatedly been doing. You’re part of a team, and that means you pitch in and help out whenever required.

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