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Heavy Equipment Operators Mixing Work And Play In The Snow Fields

If you’re into winter sports, particularly those involving snow, then a career as a heavy equipment operator may allow you to work and play in the snow resorts. Snow is a curse in many areas across the country. Towns and cities employ heavy equipment operators to clear streets using snow plows, de-icing equipment, and salt spreaders. Away from the town and cities, snow is considered a blessing – it brings in income in the form of tourists.

Snow resorts have similar problems to towns and cities – the roads need to be cleared to allow tourists in, and that’s certainly a job for heavy equipment operators. Operators are often up at dawn to clear roads, but when the job is done their time is theirs, and if they are into snow sports they join the tourists to hit the snow fields.

Clearing roads is only one job. There are others. Grooming ski runs using specialized equipment is another job that is well suited to heavy equipment operators. The task is a mix of bulldozing and grading, the idea being to have fresh well groomed areas for skiers and other snow based activities. What resort owners are looking for are picture postcard trails since that is what they advertise, and they don’t want to let paying customers down.

If you enjoy winter sports and you have a leaning towards heavy equipment operations, then why not blend the two? While the work is considered seasonal, there are some areas where work is available for eight or nine months of the year. The pay is good, and well managed, you can take three or four months off to prepare for the following season – or you can take on summer tasks that include repairing roads damaged by snow and preparing construction sites for new resorts or resort upgrades. If you’re interested in a career that mixes work and play, then your first step is to undertake heavy equipment training.

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