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Heavy Equipment Operators Careers – Quick And Easy Facts

The fact you’re on this website indicates you may be interested in heavy equipment operations. If that is the case, then I’m sure you have a number of questions that you answered before making a final career decision. You could make life easier on yourself, pick up the telephone and talk to one of our advisers, however, if you’re not quite ready for that step, then these quick and easy facts should answer some of your questions.

Are the jobs for new operators?

We are reaching a point in society where there will be many industries suffering from a skills shortage crisis, and heavy equipment operations is one of those. The reason is quite simple – the baby boomers. It is estimated that construction alone could lose up to 25% of its workforce over the next five-ten years simply through the retirement of baby boomers. Are there jobs for new operators? There certainly are, and demand is going to increase quickly in the coming years, especially for skilled operators with several years experience. Train now and you’ll be experienced and in high demand before you know it.

Are heavy equipment operators well paid?

Heavy equipment operators earn a good wage, and with skilled shortages on the horizon, skilled operators will see those wages increase. Entry-level operators start on a good wage, and these will include all of the benefits that come with most jobs, including health and insurance cover.

Is heavy equipment complex and difficult to operate?

Modern heavy equipment is almost as easy as operating a car. You can learn to operate a range of heavy equipment in just three weeks. During those three weeks you’ll learn all the safety requirements, receive in-the-seat operator training, and general skills required to work in construction areas. A good heavy equipment operator training program should have you ready for entry level employment after three weeks training. Complex? No – if you have a little common sense, then you’ll pick up the required skills quite quickly.

Is heavy equipment operations a boring job?

One of the great benefits to being a heavy equipment operator is variety. You’re not doing the same thing every day, and if you are, it will be on a different site and/or with a different area of dirt. In short, most heavy equipment operators find the work interesting, at times challenging, and always very rewarding. How many jobs can you work on where you can point to a finished project like a road, bridge or building, and say to your kids – ‘I helped build that’?

Heavy equipment operations is a career option that is well paid, interesting, and full of potential. If you still have questions, then you really do need to talk to us – so call us on (800) 383-7364. It could well be your first big step into a new and rewarding career as a heavy equipment operator.

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