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Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs

Heavy Equipment Operator Jobs

There is a great demand for heavy equipment operators. Heavy equipment operator jobs are positions in the construction industry. These positions include driving, maneuvering, and controlling heavy machinery that is used in the process of constructing a variety of structures, including bridges, roads, and various buildings. Heavy equipment operators work in all kinds of weather, and they can expect to get dusty, muddy, greasy, and dirty. Most people in these roles work full-time, and many of them work overtime. They might have irregular work schedules since many construction projects, especially road construction projects, are done at night.

How to Prepare for a Heavy Equipment Operator Role

If you are interested in finding employment as a heavy equipment operator, you should get the proper training. After having earned a high school diploma or equivalent, you can attend a training school. Overall employment for heavy equipment operators in the construction industry is expected to grow 12% from 2016 to 2026, which comes out to 52,700 new jobs. That is at a much higher rate than the average for all occupations. The increased availability of jobs in the construction industry is expected because of increased spending on infrastructure during the next decade. Those who are trained to work multiple kinds of heavy equipment have the best chance of finding employment and getting the best job opportunities.

The Salary of a Heavy Equipment Operator

Heavy equipment operators can earn a very competitive salary in today’s workforce. As of May 2017, the median annual wage for a construction equipment operator was $46,080 annually or about $22.15 per hour. The annual wages can vary significantly from one state to another, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For example, New York has 12,520 heavy equipment operators with an average annual salary of $77,580, Pennsylvania has 20,560 heavy equipment operators with an average annual salary of $50,340, and Tennessee has 5,170 heavy equipment operators who earn an average salary of $40,790 per year.

Different Fields That Require Heavy Equipment Operators

There are several different construction fields that need heavy equipment operators. These include utility system construction, state government agencies, local government agencies, specialty trade contractors, building contractors, and highway, street, and bridge construction companies. With the increasing need for heavy equipment operators, it is a great field to consider when making a career move. ATS offers training for heavy equipment operators, including directional drilling, mobile crane operation, and various kinds of equipment including:

  • Scrapers
  • Motor graders
  • Excavators
  • All-terrain forklifts
  • Backhoes
  • Bulldozers
  • Wheel loaders
  • Excavators
  • Articulated dump trucks

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