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Heavy Equipment No Longer A Male Bastion

Move over guys, there is a new breed of heavy equipment operators and they are just as good as you. One of the strongest growth areas for women in traditionally male careers is in the the heavy equipment industry.

Women have had success as truck drivers for many decades and some women have taken on the role of bulldozer and excavator operators. However these have been few and far between. In fact the construction industry may have held an intimidating atmosphere for many women. Not today.

The opposite is probably now true. Many males feel threatened by the surge of women into this arena. Years ago heavy equipment operation was tough going. It often required brute strength to handle the controls. Now everything is designed to make life easier for the operators.

Controls are now much easier to operate. Power assistance in steering means you can steer single handed – some power steering mechanisms are so sensitive they can be operated with one finger.

If you are a woman looking for an outdoor career and the thought of operating a bulldozer, excavator or motor grader appeals to you then consider your training options at ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools.

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