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Heavy Equipment Jobs Outlook Positive

The jobs outlook for heavy equipment operators is looking reasonably good for 2009 with billions of dollars being allocated to both major and minor construction projects.

The Federal governments economic stimulus package is to pump around $48 billion into transportation which includes a minimum $27 billion on public highways. That is more than half a billion for each state to invest in highway projects. Heavy equipment operators make up a high proportion of any road building workforce.

When it comes to the states, California alone has another $28 billion in construction projects all ready to start – these are not road projects but much needed infrastructure work such as drains, sewerage, schools and public health projects – all requiring heavy equipment operators.

There is little doubt that construction will be the back bone of any recession recovery. As construction grows unemployment starts to fall. This leads to consumer confidence and a freer spending regime. More spending leads to more jobs and with that the breaking of the recessions back. Heavy equipment operators a the individuals who lead construction – without them construction would slow to a crawl.

Let’s not get too carried away. This next twelve months will not be easy. However, for heavy equipment operators it may not be as bad as many other sectors of the workforce. Construction will continue and with it the need for operators.

To join the heavy equipment operator workforce requires at least some form of training in both theoretical and practical components of operating heavy equipment. If this sounds like your career calling, contact us at ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools.

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