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Heavy Equipment Goes Green

Generally speaking, the words ‘heavy equipment’ and ‘environmentalist’ rarely get mentioned in the same sentence – when they are mentioned, it is often not in the nicest way. That is slowly changing with many companies taking a ‘green’ approach to their business.

Ten or twenty years ago, preparing an area for a building, highway or housing development meant going in with heavy equipment an razing the area back to bare ground. These days, construction companies are lot more cautious. With housing developments, areas are cleared for roads and house building but as many of the larger trees as possible are left standing.

Likewise with some road building. Environmental studies are undertaken first with sensitive areas protected. Heavy equipment with tracks will often be used since it can be less harmful to the environment than tires.

Working as a heavy equipment operator is not longer simply a matter if ripping everything up. In many locations around the country, heavy equipment is being used to rehabilitate areas. This is especially true of some the smaller equipment such as bobcats, however bulldozers also have their place.

There are several companies that specialize in ground clearing in environmentally fragile situations. If you have a keen interest in the environment and yet a desire to work in the heavy equipment field, and you have thought the two conflicting, think again. The two can work together. In fact the future will rely on individuals who can work effectively whilst maintaining environmental factors.

Your first steps to becoming an environmentally friendly heavy equipment operator starts with your training. ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools can help you to get your career off the ground.

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