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Heavy Equipment Careers Can Lead To The Strangest Jobs

If you were looking at heavy equipment careers then you are probably considering construction, mining or perhaps forestry. It is those three industries that do employ the highest number of heavy equipment operators. However, there are many other areas where you will find a piece of heavy equipment.

The area that is perhaps the least thought of is in the food industries. Believe it or not, heavy equipment such as loaders and mini bulldozers are used in a broad section of food supply. Stockpiled raw sugar is often moved around using a small front loader. I must say it made think about using sugar after seeing the front loader driving over piles of sugar.

Sugar isn’t the only area. Grains that we use to make bread, or to mix with various foods are also often moved around a work area using a front loader. I have seen small bulldozers being used to push dried corn from the drying room floor in manageable piles.

I have read of farmers who stand in the scoop of a large loader to pick fruit – the picked fruit going straight into the loader. Once full, the bucket load is tipped into large bins. Whilst we may turn our noses up at the thought, it has been going on for decades. You needn’t worry. By the time the food reaches our tables it has gone through so many processes that any possible contaminates are long gone.

If you were to undertake heavy equipment training, you just never know where you may wind up being employed. Whether it is on a construction site, or in a sugar mill, the skills required are just the same. Heavy equipment training prepares you for a heavy equipment career – where that career takes you is solely up to you.

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