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What Does A Heavy Equipment Career Offer?

Heavy equipment careers rise and fall in popularity on a regular basis and it is hard to assess any reasons for this swing. Demand is not really the factor. In fact, demand is created when heavy equipment careers seem to drop in popularity. Should you consider a career as a heavy equipment operator? Here are few key benefits to a career in heavy equipment:

  • Wages – heavy equipment operators are amongst the best paid workers on a construction site. Away from construction, they still receive decent wage rates.
  • Life time skills – operating heavy equipment is a little like driving a car or riding a bike. You never lose these skills. Sure, if you’re out of the business for a long time, you may take a couple of hours to reacquaint yourself – but the basics skills will return quickly.
  • Travel – skilled operators are required everywhere. In fact, there is a world wide demand for operators so the opportunity exists for travel, either interstate or internationally. Gain you qualifications through a training company that offers nationally accredited training.
  • Work hours – some consider this a minus. Generally speaking, an operator is up early and finishes early. There are some projects where the work is undertaken in shifts so you may find yourself working afternoons and evenings. You may also need to work on weekends. However, extra hours means extra pay.
  • Respect – the community in general, along with fellow workers, all have a huge respect for competent operators. In fact, you will often be the envy of others.

A career as a heavy equipment operator is challenging, interesting and rewarding. Those that enter the field generally stay for many years. The current attrition rate in operators is not because they dislike the job; most of those leaving are doing so because they have reached retiring age. Like the sound of a heavy equipment career? Contact ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools for details on our next training program.

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