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Heavy Equipment And The Military

If you’re looking to gain experience as a heavy equipment operator then the military may be your answer. The Army is always working on construction jobs both at home and abroad and so require the skills of heavy equipment operators. They crate airfields, prepare sites for buildings, build dams and undertake demolition jobs.

The military requires skilled teams of construction workers to complete these task. Of course when working abroad the location can be just as challenging as the construction job itself. As with all new recruits to the army, construction equipment operators begin with nine weeks of basic training to learn to be a soldier.

Once you have completed your basic training you will move on to more advanced training for heavy equipment which includes safety, using the heavy equipment in possible battle zones and the maintenance and repair of your equipment. You may also need to learn how to assemble some components of your heavy equipment as there are times and situations where the equipment cannot be shipped in one piece.

Many army professionals spend their days on powerful bulldozers, cranes, graders and front end loaders. After leaving the army, these trained heavy equipment operators are in high demand due to their superior skill levels and quickly snapped up for well paying jobs in the construction, timber and mining industries.

This all starts by getting good quality basic training on your chosen piece of heavy equipment. ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can provide you with those basic skills and help you get started in a well paid career.

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