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Get A Head Start On A Heavy Equipment Career

There are only three things between you and a heavy equipment career. Desire, training, and a job. When it comes to desire, that’s between you and your inner self. When it comes to training, ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools can have you trained and ready for work in three weeks. That just leaves finding that first job. We’ve even got you covered with that.

The moment you start your heavy equipment training at ATS, we’re working with you to try and find that first job. Our aim is not to just pump out work-ready heavy equipment graduates. Our aim is to help people to build a new career as heavy equipment operators. That career doesn’t start with your training. It starts with your first job.

At ATS, we have staff members dedicated to helping our graduates find work. Our career services personnel work with students, first by identifying what their work preferences are, particularly when it comes to region and type of employment. We also assist students to build a resume that best represents them to employees. Finally, we sift through our database of employees, and we have thousands of potential employees in our database, in order to match graduates with potential employees based on their preferences.

This is a complete service that works hand in hand with graduates in order to give them a head start into a career. We’re not satisfied until you have become established in a job that matches your training. We have over sixty years of training experience and a reputation that is second to none when it comes to heavy equipment training. If you’re interested in a career as a heavy equipment operator, take a look at what we have to offer. All you need now is to find that desire.

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