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Career Services – The Key Between Heavy Equipment Training And Employment

In today’s busy world, undertaking training for a particular career is often not enough. Understandably, the first thing graduates from any training program want is employment – somewhere to prove their newfound skills, and somewhere where they can build upon those skills. There are many training providers that deliver training, some quite well, but then leave their graduates to fend for themselves once they have completed their training. Here at ATS we have a different philosophy. We are proud of our training so we are keen to showcase our graduates to the world – we want you working, and it’s a purely selfish motive – your success is our success.

Once you enter the workplace, you are a walking talking advertisement for our training. If you perform well, and we are sure you will, then our reputation will continue to grow, if that’s possible. After more than 40 years of successful service training truck drivers, heavy equipment operators and crane operators, our reputation is already well respected. But then, that too is to your advantage.

Employers have come to respect the level of training we provide, as an example, we have over 10,000 trucking companies in our database – I am sure we could find one ready to employ you if you choose a career as a truck driver. Our career services section is geared to doing as much as possible to helping you find a job. From week one, someone from career services will discuss with you possible employment options. We build a profile based on your needs and expectations and then provide you with a list of potential employers. We will also train you in some of the soft skills such as interview techniques required to find employment.

At ATS, we don’t believe in just training you and then sending you on your way. We have a dedicated career services section that will work with you to find that first job. From there, your career is in your hands.

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