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Grader Are Moving Into The Latest Technology

Road graders are not just dirt moving machines. Road graders are used mainly for leveling and planing a surface. They are also used to ‘fine grade’ surfaces; this means to level and shape a surface to very fine measurements.

Graders have a blade that can be set and held at a precise angles and elevations. Road graders can be used to perform maintenance on unpaved roads and to also create a wide, flat surface in preparation to lay asphalt on paved roads. The graders ability to perform ‘fine’ grading means the road is shaped for both camber, used to keep cars on the road around bends, and fine slope to facilitate water run off during wet weather.

Operators of road graders are able to finely adjust the machine’s blade, either raising, lowering, turning and/or tilting it, to produce smooth, consistent surfaces.

Road graders are used in many different situations. Apart from the construction of roads, they are also used to finish railway beds, level and finely finish airport runways and to prepare commercial building sites.

Graders are also used to move snow from roads, airport runways and other important access areas. They uniquely able to not only push snow, but due to the angle of the blades they are able to direct snow to the verges in a single pass.

There are so many different types and brands of road grader in today’s market. Manufacturers like Caterpillar, Volvo, Case and John Deere are amongst the biggest and their modern machines lead the way in both safety and modern technology. Some graders now come equipped with GPS and laser technology to enable the finest and most accurate grading possible.

Operating equipment like this starts with basic training and to receive that training you should visit ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools.

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