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Getting The Most Out Of A Skilled Truck Driver Training Instructor

There’s more to driving a truck than most people realize. Simple maneuvers like going around a corner takes planning, yet skilled truck drivers do it without an apparent thought. The same can be said for reversing a tractor trailer – skilled drivers do it with ease while novices invariably take several attempts before they come close to achieving the desired results. When undertaking truck driver training, the most important component is your skilled training instructor. From the student’s perspective, getting the most out of that instructor is what will count at the end of your training.

It can be hard, but often the first thing a student needs is to forget all preconceived ideas about truck driving, and to put aside their experiences as car drivers. Cars and trucks are very different when it comes driving, and one of the biggest mistakes new truck drivers make is to attempt maneuvers that they perform everyday in their car – lane hopping is a good example; you just cannot do it in a truck. If, as a student, you can clear your mind, you’ll soon start to absorb and put into practice the training provided by your instructor.

Instructors have two advantages over students – truck driving experience is obviously one of those advantages. The second advantage is their skill in passing on that knowledge and experience. A good quality truck driver training school will employ instructors that are skilled in both areas. There are tens of thousands of truck drivers on the road today, but very few of them have the skills to pass on their knowledge effectively. Those that do have that ability should be treated like gold mines. The more you dig, the more knowledge you’ll acquire, and the more knowledge, the better your skills.

When undertaking truck driver training from a recognized truck driver training school, take every advantage to gain as much knowledge and experience from your instructors. When your behind the wheel, listen to them, follow their instructions, and feel free to ask questions – if you don’t know, and it’s related to truck driving, then you need to know, and the only way you’ll find out is by asking. Get the most out of your training and you’ll be a better driver for it.

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