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Easy Funding Opportunity For Heavy Equipment Training

Career re-training has become an important option for many as working opportunities start to dry up and unemployment in some sectors starts to grow. Heavy equipment is one area where spending is increasing, especially in areas involving public infrastructure such as roads, bridges and schools. Whether operating heavy equipment has been seen as too hard, or perhaps individuals feel they are too old, re-training to start a career as a heavy equipment operator has not been a top priority for many.

Often, the biggest hurdle is the perception of cost. Any form of training places an impost on a family’s budget, especially if you have to stop work during training. However, today, you don’t have to stop work and the cost of training certainly shouldn’t be a heavy impost. And as for new recruits being too old, or finding the training too hard, you’re never too old and learning to be an operator can be completed in three weeks – so it’s certainly not ‘too’ hard.

If you are unemployed, or perhaps a war veteran, then there are a variety of government programs that you could be eligible for. We have available information related to military benefits and general government financial assistance for those who feel they may qualify. Other options include looking at education or training loans through lenders.

ATS can help you to source training funds through loans and you can facilitate the process if you complete our online finance application. I mentioned earlier that you don’t have to stop work to undertake heavy equipment training – and you don’t. One of the best options when it comes to funding your heavy equipment training is to break the costs down. For example, if you study part of the training program from home, you can continue to work and receive an income while paying a much smaller fee for the distance learning component of your training.

This is ideal for those who are still not 100% sure that heavy equipment is for them as you can test your own interests and abilities before committing to more advanced training. If you’re interested, check out our page on distance heavy equipment training – it could be the perfect answer to your situation.

If you are really interested in undertaking heavy equipment training then talk to us. Like age and gender, cost is not a barrier as there are many ways for a prospective student to fund their way through our training. If you’re ready to start – we’re ready to help.

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