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Finding A Heavy Equipment Training School That Really Cares

What sets some heavy equipment training schools apart from others? In a nutshell, some care about the future of their graduates while others only care about the future of their bank balances. To be blunt, training schools have to make a profit in order to survive – but that’s business. Along the way, you can be profit focused, or customer focused, and history tells us that the most successful businesses are those that focus on the customer – and that’s the student when it comes to training.

Associated Training Schools have been training truck drivers, heavy equipment operators, and crane operators for almost fifty years. One of the reasons we have been successful is the focus we place on the students’ future. We aim to make training as accessible as possible. In that regard, we offer assistance with financing your training and assistance with accommodation while undertaking your training. Our training is designed to be as complete as possible including both classroom-based tuition, and hands-on in-the-seat training – you get to do the operating, not watching someone else do it.

While our focus is on training you to a standard that makes you employable, we are also working with you to help you find that first job. It is not unusual for students to have their first job already arranged, before they have even graduated – they leave our training school and walk straight into their first job. Our career services section has thousands of employers they can refer graduates to, and online job site where employers post job vacancies (you can also check this blog on Saturday’s for some of the latest opportunities).

By focusing your successful long term future, we are also achieving our long term aims. Those aims include staying in business and employing some of the best training staff available – but then, that is also helping you achieve your dreams. If you are looking for heavy equipment training, crane operator training, or truck driver training, then make sure your training company is interested in your long term future, and not just the size of your wallet.

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