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Are You Frustrated By Those ‘With CDL’ Job Ads?

Looking for heavy equipment operator with CDL. Looking for excavator operator with CDL. Looking for bulldozer operator with CDL. Do these types of heavy equipment job ads frustrate you? There are thousands of heavy equipment operators who have a wide range of experiences to bring to employers, yet they lack that one important qualification – a CDL.

Employers are becoming more cost conscious these days and one of the biggest costs associated with any business is that of labor. If a business can employ workers who are multi-skilled, they can get by with fewer employee numbers, and that means lower costs. Lower costs also open the door for more tenders, and that means job security for those who are employed.

If you are a heavy equipment operator with several years experience, then you will find that you are in high demand – if you have a commercial drivers license. Employers can send you out on a job – you take your equipment out to the job site, do the job, then return, or move onto the next job site. For the employer, that’s one person doing the job of two.

Adding a CDL is a cost effective way to improve your job opportunities. It also adds a little variety to your working life. You can learn to drive a heavy equipment transport truck in as little as three weeks. This will give you the skills and knowledge required to pass your commercial drivers license tests, and to be issued with a CDL. This is effectively a license for life, the only ongoing requirement is to follow the road rules (and not have your license suspended), and to remain reasonably healthy – you will need to undergo regular health check.

Instead of becoming frustrated by those job ads, add a CDL to your skills set – you’ll no longer find those job ads frustrating.

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