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Financial Aid Takes the Sting out of Heavy Equipment Training

If the cost of heavy equipment training has put you off taking steps towards a heavy equipment career, maybe financial aid can help. Here at Associated Training Services we know that heavy equipment training can be difficult to afford. There really is no way around the price. Heavy equipment is expensive to purchase and maintain. So why do people bother training at all? The answer to that is simple, to get paid more and to have a more stable job. You will earn more as a heavy equipment operator and that makes the training cost financially worth your while. Many people see the value of training and understand that the costs will be quickly recouped. They just have trouble coming up with enough money to get started. That is where financial aid comes into play.

At Associated Training Services we provide financial aid to qualified applicants. We do so because we know that in some cases, lack of money is all that prevents some people from moving into a rewarding career in heavy equipment. If you want to receive financial aid from Associated Training Services, you will need a good credit rating or a guarantor for your loan. If you are uncertain whether you qualify for financial aid, contact us, it never hurts to ask.

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