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Financial Aid, It Helps

Getting financial aid can literally mean the difference between subsistence living and an exciting, rewarding career. Heavy equipment training can be expensive; we make no secret of that. The reason why heavy equipment training costs what it does is that the equipment costs a lot to purchase and maintain. We like to have experienced professional instructors to provide high quality instruction. We keep our prices as affordable as possible but we are realistic. Many people find it hard to afford training. The reason why people find it difficult to afford heavy equipment training has more to do with the fact that their income provides them with very little to spare than the actual cost of training. It is hard to save money when you are literally living from paycheck to paycheck. This is where financial aid comes in.

We offer financial aid because we realize that sometimes people need a little help to get started. Our financial aid is available to approved customers. You will need a good credit rating to get financial aid from Associated Training Services. If you have a bad credit rating then you may still be able to get financial aid if you are able to supply a guarantor. Failing finding a guarantor, we might be able to explore other options or to direct you to other sources of financial aid. If you are having problems finding the money to start training, don’t let that stop you, contact us at Associated Training Services, we just might be able to help.

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