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What You Can Expect From ATS Crane Operator Training

Crane operator training programs are not the same. Some providers offer basic training and leave it at that, others offer services that go beyond just basic training. Careers as crane operators can be well paid and the work interesting, varied and often challenging. To gain the best possible chance at securing a stable career, you need all the assistance possible – certainly more than just basic training.

So what can you expect from ATS Crane Operator Schools when it comes to crane operator training? A lot! We certainly strive to offer more than just ‘basic training’. Our aim is to provide you with all the assistance necessary to complete your training, gain certification and secure worthwhile employment. We achieve this through a number of processes. These include:

  • Online Applications
  • Financial Assistance
  • Housing Assistance
  • In-The-Seat Training
  • NCCCO Test & Certification
  • Nationwide Career / Employment Services

This complete package makes life much easier for you. You can apply online (including a financial assistance application), receive both in-the-seat training and classroom training, undertake certification as a crane operator and then receive assistance to help you find employment. This is one of the reasons why we are one of the leaders in crane operator training.

That is an impressive list of assistance but it counts for nothing if the training isn’t up to scratch. The fact that graduates not only complete the certification assessments with ease but also gain employment soon after graduating speaks volumes. ATS Crane Operator Training Schools have also worked hard to achieve recognition from within industry for the quality of graduates entering the workforce. If you are interested in a career as a crane operator, be sure to compare all the training programs on offer. They are not all the same!

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