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Excavators – From Mines To Rivers And Everything In Between

Most heavy equipment machinery in today’s workplace are multi-tasking vehicles. That is fairly obvious when it comes to machinery like backhoes, but they are not alone. Excavators play various roles in our society ranging from mining to river dredging, and a whole lot more in between. Traditionally, we probably view excavators as trench diggers since that is where we see them most often employed. However, digging trenches is only the tip of the iceberg.

Like backhoes, excavators have a wide range of tools (known as attachments) that can be used in place of the traditional shovel. These tools can do a range of jobs including breaking up slabs of concrete and rock, to drilling holes rather than digging them. In the mines, excavators can be huge machines with buckets the size of large cars. But then, if you think the buckets are big, you should see the size of the dump trucks they are filling.

Excavators are multi-tasking tools and because of this, experienced operators are always in demand. The only way to gain experience as an operator is by gaining entry level employment where you can continue to learn your craft. In today’s workplace, employers will only take on entry level workers if they have received training through a well established and recognized training school.

ATS Heavy Equipment Operator Schools conduct regular training programs for those looking at careers in heavy equipment. Training programs are delivered full time over three weeks with students who successfully graduate eligible for entry level employment. Are we well established and recognized? With over forty years experience in the training industry, I guess you could call us established. Are we recognized? We have a database full of employers who have employed our graduates – our employment success speaks for itself. If you’re looking for a career as an excavator operator, consider our heavy equipment operator training program – others have, with great success.

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