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Excavators in Demolitions

We tend to normally think of excavators digging in preparation for large building projects, but they are also extremely functional in demolitions. Excavators are perhaps the biggest piece of general purpose heavy equipment, assuming of course that you exclude cranes. It is the size and mobility of excavators that makes them so incredibly useful for demolitions based tasks.

Many people have a brute force image of demolitions. This is only partly correct. While the process of demolition does involve a certain amount of smashing, bashing and at times exploding, it is a precise process. If a building is brought down in a manner that is anything less than completely controlled, accidents happen. Excavators are the perfect piece of machinery for this as they can provide a large amount of power very precisely to get the job done.

Excavators are used in almost all aspects of demolitions for buildings that are three stories and under. For larger buildings, the process becomes a little bit more delicate. Excavators are still put to use, but in more of a secondary role.

If you are interested in learning more about excavators and their role in construction and demolition, please contact us at Associated Training Services. Excavators are just one of many pieces of heavy equipment that we train people to use.

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