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Excavators And Their Attachments Going Green

It seems the next big trend in heavy equipment will be excavators and their attachments. More importantly, some of these attachments can do the work of other more specialized equipment. Using the attachment can reduce costs and reduce time. According to – a trade magazine for graders and excavators:

The right crushing, breaking, and pulverizing attachment paired with an excavator or loader creates a powerful, portable, and profitable green machine that is ideal for demolition, in-place recycling, and reclamation.

An excavator that can dig up an old road then, by switching attachments, break up and crush that asphalt would be a huge plus to contractors. The crushed asphalt can then be reused as a base for the new road surface. Recycling at its best. Excavator operators that have skills using these attachments will be in high demand as more contractors realize the huge cost benefits of multi-tooling their excavators.

It is not just road construction that is starting to use this technology. Concrete breaking and crushing is another area which is becoming popular for onsite recycling. Perhaps the biggest impact will be felt on new housing estates. Here the material, including rock, that is dug out is crushed down to a suitable size to reuse on the site. This is removing the need to truck out this material and, in some situations, truck in replacement soil. There is a similar situation developing with demolition sites where the bricks and mortar are being crushed and reused on site.

Learning to operate an excavator is the first step and to do that, you need to undertake a heavy equipment operator training program. Once you are skilled at operating an excavator, you can look at many of the attachments that are available and start to gain some skills using them. Excavators and their attachments are becoming an important component in the recycling of building materials. Learn to use them effectively and your skills will be in high demand.

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