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Excavators – A One Person Demolition Team

Take an excavator and an experienced excavator operator and you have the perfect demolition team. There are plenty of youngsters the world over that practice being a demolition expert every day of their lives. If they chose a career as a heavy equipment operator, they can do it for real.

The following video clip shows an excavator demolishing a home. While watching, take note of several points. The first is how the excavator operator folds the roof and walls of the home in on itself. There are several reasons for this. One is safety, there is no debris falling out onto the roadway; and the second is convenience, the debris is all collecting within the home. When the home is totally demolished, the debris is there ready for removal.

The second thing to notice is the neatness of the entire operation. The excavator operator tidies up as they go about their job, even stopping to load a truck with debris. Spend a couple of minutes watching the video – it takes two or three minutes to replay what has taken an excavator a couple of hours to accomplish.

Demolition work is a normal part of an excavator operator’s job. In the above video, the excavator operator is using a special attachment that works almost like a hand to pull down the home. Excavators have a range of attachments that can be used for a variety of tasks. They are certainly not restricted to just digging trenches. If you feel that you’d make a good demolition expert, perhaps a career as a heavy equipment operator is worth considering. We can deliver the necessary heavy equipment training in as little as three weeks. With a little on-the-job experience, you could just find yourself pulling down a home like that shown in the video.

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