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Enroll In Commercial Driver License (CDL) Training

Some ATS schools offer a combination Class-A (Tractor Trailer) and Commercial Driver Licensing (CDL) program. The CDL is required to haul your equipment on a flatbed/lowboy trailer and to drive dump trucks on public roads. ATS schools also teach off-road dump trucks, which do not require a CDL.

Many construction industry employers value equipment operators with a CDL. The CDL component trains you to test and receive a Class-A CDL. If you are planning on getting your Class-A CDL, you need to be aware that there are some additional fees related to this part of the program and those are not included in the tuition price. These fees include DOT physical exam, drug test, permit fee, road test, and license fee. These fees vary in price but can total as much s $300. These fees usually can be paid for with your financial assistance if you qualify.

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