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Employers And Heavy Equipment Specialized Training

There are two different types of heavy equipment training. The first is a standardized training program that all our students complete. This training produces a level of knowledge and skills across a range of heavy equipment types. The training is designed to meet the needs of employers. Any student that completes the requirements of training programs is ready for employment from day one.

There certain times, and certain industries, that require specialized heavy equipment training. This training to meet the individual needs of the employer. Specialized training can be designed to upgrade the current skills of employees or train new recruits from the ground up.

Specialized heavy equipment training is designed through a process that involves consulting with employer to determine their exact needs along with industry minimum standards, particularly in the field of safety.

The added benefit of specialized training is that we train in the field, using the employers equipment and in the environment the heavy equipment will be used in. The training is designed to meet the particular needs of the employer. Furthermore, training can be delivered at times and places that suit the employer and their employees. This can often reduce productivity losses during the training period.

Why undertake specialized training? Most employers seek specialized training when they use, or buy, specialized equipment. By employing a training firm such as ATS Heavy Equipment Training Schools you know that each employee will receive identical training thereby ensuring that all employees have the same sets of skills.

ATS prides itself in delivering the best training, both standard and specialized. If your business requires specialized training services then call ATS on 1-800-678-8120 and we will be happy to discuss your training needs.

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