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Employers Are Looking For More Than Just A Heavy Equipment Operator

If you are considering a career change, one of the best areas to look at is the requirements of a future employer. One trap that many people fall into is to decide on a career, fly off and do a quick training course, then expect to start work in their new career. There may be a few industries where that will work, however, heavy equipment requires just a little more. Not much – but there is more. A typical job description for a heavy equipment operator may include:

  • The ability to operate a range (or a specific unit) of heavy equipment
  • The ability to work with others as part of a team
  • The ability to work alone and unsupervised when required
  • The ability to maintain equipment and report issues before they become problems
  • The ability to carry out daily inspections of heavy equipment
  • The ability to work safely and to follow all regulations and safety protocols
  • The ability to work as directed

Notice that every requirement is an ability. These you can learn through a thorough heavy equipment training program. You develop and enhance these abilities with time and experience on the job, however, an employer will expect you to arrive on their doorstep with those as the very minimum abilities.

It stands to reason then that when looking for a training school you look for a school that will instill those abilities through a combination of classroom and in-the-seat training. Knowledge goes so far – it’s that in-the-seat training and the hours of practice you can put in that will eventually make a difference as you develop your career.

Associated Training Schools delivers heavy equipment training programs that have been developed in line with industry. We know what employers are looking for, so we endeavor to train new operators so they meet the needs of employers. If you decide on a career as a heavy equipment operator, we hope your training school helps you to build those abilities. Iif not, come and talk to us because we will.

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